“The principal objective of The Capital Holdings Funds is to provide investors with medium to long term capital appreciation by significantly outperforming equity markets using a dynamic, multi-manager alternative investment approach.
Capital Holdings Funds
The Capital Holdings Funds aim to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation while managing risks and reducing volatility. To achieve this they invest through a selection of externally managed funds, thoroughly screened and monitored by experienced experts.

Each of the following Capital Holdings Funds has its own investment focus:

FundInceptionPrimary Strategy
Leveraged Capital Holdings (LCH)30 Nov 1969Long/short equity
Asian Capital Holdings (ACH)29 Mar 1993Long/short equity
European Capital Holdings (ECH)2 Nov 1998Long/short equity
Trading Capital Holdings (TCH)1 Jul 2003Global Macro and Traders
Discovery Capital Holdings (DCH)2 Jul 2013Emerging managers

The Capital Holdings Funds are managed in a unique way benefiting from the guidance of well known experts from the profession who meet regularly to review the portfolios and interview existing managers as well as new candidates. These teams also formulate the strategic vision for the portfolios. The management of the funds actively seeks to adjust the amount of assets allocated to each underlying manager to ensure that the selected mix of manager styles enables the funds to fully exploit opportunities presented by the dynamically changing investment environment. This formula has stood the test of time having been adopted ever since the launch of Leveraged Capital Holdings in 1969.

The Capital Holdings Funds offer investors the chance to participate in the performance of some of the most sophisticated and active managers, but in a diversified and controlled way, thereby managing to reduce the high volatility of returns typically found in single-manager funds of this type.

Transparency and Secondary Market
The Capital Holdings Funds offer investors good transparency and issue a net asset value per share every day. The Funds (except Discovery Capital Holdings) are listed on the Official Segment of the stock market of Euronext Amsterdam and, for the convenience of investors and under the terms listed in the prospectus, shares may be purchased or sold daily on the exchange and over the counter in London.

Further information is available from:
Edmond de Rothschild Capital Holdings Limited
Rick Sopher, Chairman, LCH Investments NV r.sopher@lcfr.co.uk
Fernanda Lewis, Investor Relations f.lewis@lcfr.co.uk

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